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Keynote Speaker: We are so excited to invite Dr. Carol Tilley to be our Keynote Speaker in May Dr. Tilley is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois. Her teaching and research interests include comics, children’s print culture, media literacy, and youth services librarianship. Her current research projects include an investigation of comics from the perspective of readers; working to build a digital archive of materials related to comic book readership and fandom, focusing initially on materials collected from Marvel Comics publications from 1961-1973; and working to understand how three distinct user groups—scholars, practitioners, and lay people (including children)—seek out and use folktales and related resources. Dr. Tilley has given numerous talks in both academic, as well as pop culture settings, including San Diego Comic Con and New York Comic Con. She is active on social media via her Twitter accounts: @ComicsCrusader and @AnUncivilPhd and via the Facebook community, We Need Diverse Comics. Log on to her webpage for more information on her research and publication, or for an up-to-date schedule of her speaking engagements.

Conference Poster:


The Conference Committee would like to express our immense gratitude to Dwight Langsdale for photographing the Deer Woman Pop-Up Exhibit; Patti Langsdale for her brilliant bag-making skills; Michael Thompson for generously donating his time and driving skills; Nancy Ellis for coordinating and planning conference breaks and for giving up her Saturday; John Martin and Spencer Keralis for advertising the conference and lending us the Library; and Laci Kettavong for photography and managing our social media. It takes a village to raise a conference and ours was a Monstrous success, thank you!